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The Death of Connection

It's human's greatest creation

It connects all of civilization

But one day

It started to go away

For you see

It was not meant to be

For human's also invented another kind of machine

The effects of which were not unseen

And they came in three

The first one outsourced writing

The second art

With the third...

Well with the third you'd never need think again

At first this was great

Anyone could make anything

They great equlizer they called it

Seeing as anyone could use the first two machines

Not they needed to

For the third machine did it for them

And since this was so effortless

Human's greasted creation began to suffer

Every day...

On every page

Human's were drowned out by the machines

And so slowly one by one

Human's left their greatest creation behind

To instead do something even better

Spend time with each other