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Those that ventured into the uncertainty found themselves greatly rewarded. This NeWorld that the found themselves in was wondrous. The soon named the continent they found themselves in Redwood. They weren't entirely sure what they would find there but whatever they would find it surly was better than their fate on Earth.

Below is a summary of Redwood before the start of the fatal Creative Wars.


Redwood was named after the large redwood tree species. The continent was given the name Redwood due to the very large trees that were found at the heart of the continent.


Redwood like the rest of the NeWorld is full of both familiar and foreign geographical features. While you will find mountains, plains, oceans, and lakes you will also find cliffs that drop off into the void of space, regions that are only 2d, purely digital places, and much much more.


Redwood is a democracy whose Congress is made up of representatives from the Themedoms. Themedoms are regions of Redwood that have a distinct theme/culture/rules/laws/powers/language. An example of a Themedom being the 4th Isle or Floe. The central government of Redwood has typically not had much power over the Themedoms but recently this has been changing as many Themedoms have realized that they benefit from unified decision-making and some universal laws.


Redwood is rich with Origin. A mineral that allows people to bring their thoughts into reality. This has made Redwood a trade hub where many other Countries sell their products to and buy products from the people of Redwood.


The government of Redwood has attempted many census to gain full insight into who lives on the continent but has struggled to no avail. This is due to how space is non-linear. Below are estimates which are probably very wrong.


Redwood does not have an unifed culture as there are thousands of Themedoms that make it up. This is not a problem though as any person of the NeWorld can speak and understand the language of Intent. Now being able to speak and understand Intent doesn't solve all problems though as misunderstandings occur and even some people can manipulate the langauge of Intent for their own gain.