NeWorld Home page

The first page in the Pink Book. It has the words The NeWorld with mountains drawn underneath.
The second page in the Pink Book. It has the words The NeWorld and The Pink Book a Chorography which are divided by a horizontal line.
A page of text describing that the book is a collection of texts.

A collection of Suntopian Presses and Companies L.L.C. and many others who weren't and won't be credited

A page of text describing the purpose of the book.

Now that we have left the devastating Creative Wars it's time to look to the future to do this we will survey the present and parts of the past. And as such we hope you enjoy The Pink Book!

A page of text describing Dinoland and shows the shape of Dinoland which is that of a potato.


A themedom that is full of medieval dinosaurs. It is a hot and humid place full of lush jungles. Thousands of Kingdoms make up the themedom and they are ruled by the DinoKing.

A page of text describing the DinoKing and includes of drawing of him, which is that of a simplfied T-Rex with a Crown on.

The DinoKing

The most powerful dino in Dinoland

A page of text describing Swurling Skies and a sketch of it which is of a wispy cloud.

Swurling Skies

A themedom that lives on vast clouds.

A map of Dinoland which is full of jungles and rivers. It has a key which reads City, Trail, River, Hill, Mountain, and Jungle.

Dinoland Map

The Key has the following items: City, Trail, River, Hill, Mountain, and Jungle.

A page which has the Sky Princess of Swurling Skies on it, who has a wispy cloud appearance.

The Sky Princess of Swurling Skies

A mushroom shapped cloud monster called the Beast of the Clouds.

The Best of the Clouds

A dangerous creature that must be avoided at all costs.

A image of Oglog who is a Snowman with short stubby legs and arms that are large tree stumps.


The God of Reforestation and Luck

A image of Gibbles who is a fat unicorn with a cron.


The God of Unicorns and Excess

A map of Suntopia, which is mountainous in the north with many rivers that flow from the mountains into the sea which lies in the south. The largest cities are in the South with a few in the center and none in the mountainous region. Roads link these cities. The map also has a key which reads City, Road, River, Hill, and Mountain.

Map of Suntopia

A block of text describing what Suntopia is like.


A themedom where the sun never sets. Its cities are full of windmills and solarpanels. They are also covered in plants that grow both on the buildings and next to the many canals that run through the cities. The countryside is full of green rolling hills.

A computer that is apart of Arpa-Net-World.


A digital themedom made up of many computers connected to each other.

A block of text describing the Creative Wars, with a timeline showing Before the Creative Wars BCW, during the Creative Wars, CW, and after the Creative Wars ACW.

The Creative Wars

A event/period of time several hundred years ago that saw total government collapse across the NeWorld. During this time many warlords and generals attempted to take advantage of the situation by creating their own themedoms.

A descripting of what a themedom is including a graphic of what the Deep Sea Themedom is like: full of fish, some with biolumience, and mysterious creatures like some kind of squid.


A themedom is just a region in the NeWorld that has a theme and physical laws that follow that theme. For example the Deep Sea Themedom.

A explanation of Broken Resolve along with a drawing showing what something looks like when its resolve is broken.

Broken Resolve

While nothing can die in the NeWorld if something takes enough damage it can be forced to change forms. As it needs to rebuild its resolve.

A description of how physical space works in the NeWorld with a diagram showing that it's faster to walk around a city then through it.

Distance Density

Space is not a constant in the NeWorld. For example walking around the circumference of a city may be 1.1 U's (units) but walking straight through it is 10 U's.

A description of the Monogalaxy themedom and a drawing of it which looks like a incredibly dense sprial galaxy.


A themedom full of space faring crustaceans. Due to always being able to molt they are incredibly large.

A page describing the High School Creative Crisis begins. Below the description it the word CHS! is written several times.

HighSchool Creative Crisis Begins

In the capital of Suntopia two highschoolers plan to defeat each other and their respective highschools. Rose and Dallas (bitter rivals) aim to do this before they graduate from Communal and Captial HighSchool.

A image of Red Rock which is in the shape of the cresent full of mountains, factories, and lava flows. Next to it is a Key with the items of Mountains, factories, Town, Road, and Lava Flow.


A industrialized themedom full of volcanoes. It was site to a mysterious disease.