Microscope is a great game!

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If you are looking for a intresting Tabletop RPG I can strongly recommened Microscope.

It is a game about creating the history of something. The history could be about the rise and fall of an empire or something as simple as what happened in a city during the day. You play by describing history in turns and writing some of that history onto note cards. One of the best parts of the game though is how after setting up the world everyone will be creating history in you aren't allowed to influence each other. This creates a much stronger world over all because people are allowed to contribute their unquiness into the history of the game (sort of like Neocities) instead of being pushed aside by what the group wants.

The game also avoids the problem of players ruining each others work. For example, let's say that player A creates Atlantis and then player B nukes it. Well in a normal game that would result in a fight but because Microscope you can create history nonlineraly it means that player A can still work on Atlantis because they can build history before it was nuked or long after the event when it is rebuilt. Another cool part of the game is the Palette, which allows players to add things that they want in the world but don't expect to show up or things in the world they don't want to see at all. In conclusion, Microscope is an awesome game that is not only a blast to play but a great tool to help you worldbuild with or without your friends.

You can buy Microscope at Microscope's webpage. Note I'm not affliated with Lame Mage Productions in anyway I just like their games.