HighSchool Creative Crisis Script

I uploaded a script I wrote a little over 5 years ago under the new writing section. I had planned to animate it/flesh it out more/edit it but shortly afterwards life fell apart. This is one of two tv scripts I wrote 5 years ago.

This one being about a person that finds himself caught in a case of mistaken identity. Two people in charge of their respective high schools Dallas and Rosa (think school president gone horribly wrong) attempt to find a Creative General (someone who holds great power and fought in a very devastating war) so they can defeat the other one before they go to college (and wreak those places to).

Instead, they get Riley who is a recent immigrant to their area and holds none of the power they seek. It was very fun to write in the course of 2 days after planning in out in my head for a month and has a very comedic/lighthearted tone throughout.

There's a lot I would change for instance Rosa calling Dallas a crybaby that needs his diaper changed as it's mean and doesn't come off right. Also the whole Walmirt employee thing as it's satirizing the wrong thing super store employees being rude (which isn't usually the case) instead of super stores being hostile to the places they're in, the people that work there, and the people that shop there (also it breaks up the pacing of the start). I'm sure as I reread it or possibly receive feedback (not that that'll happen) I will make it better.

Anyways here's a link to EP.1 - Script HighSchool Creative Crisis.pdf I hope that if anyone on the sea - that is the internet - happens to find and read the script that it brightens their day because it's actually decent or because it's so bad that it's good.

P.S. You're awesome!

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